Our Story

“We are a community of learners, who work with our families to spark curiosity, encourage exploration, and create a love of learning in our children that will serve as a foundation for their future.”

Vivien Wang, our founder and mastermind behind EDUCA Home, is an experienced entrepreneur in early childhood education and founder of China’s first high-end international kindergarten Etonkids.

8 Reasons to Join EDUCA HOME

  • 01

    Life-long Learners

  • 02

    Native speakers of English and Chinese

  • 03

    0-3 Education Experts

  • 04

    Creative and Interactive Environment

  • 05

    Support Services for the Whole Family

  • 06

    Forefont of Education Innovation

  • 07

    Individual Learning Journeys

  • 08

    EtonKids International Kindergartens

Our Values

  • Love

    Truly love and treat children as our own and create a warm and loving community for them to thrive in.

  • Believe

    Believe that children have unlimited potential to become the best version of themselves.

  • Understand

    Understand every child’s individual interest and developmental needs and provide the support they need to grow.

  • Educate

    Provide the best learning opportunities for our children in our bilingual and multicultural environment.

  • Model

    Provide the most gentle and professional care for our children to be immersed in whilst their character is being shaped

Our Mission

  • Respect

    To respect each child’s individual needs and interests through the way we observe and nurture their natural pace of development.

  • Create

    To enable each child to become their best creative selves through our expert educators, prepared environment and supported children.

  • Empower

    To empower each child to follow their curious instincts and explore the world around them, an ability which will help them succeed in their bright futures.

Our Philosophy

Through best practices of the world’s leading 0-3 educational philosophies Pikler, Reggio and Montessori, we provide a life-changing, holistic experience that will inspire a new generation of children to think differently and progress into the future leaders of tomorrow
  • Pikler

    Pikler’s approach to education focuses on infant’s natural motor development, uninterrupted play, tender care moments, and a kind and respectful relationship between an adult and an infant or toddler. The natural development of motor skills means 'Pikler babies' develop perfect balance, perfect posture, core strength, agility, and awareness.

  • Reggio

    The Reggio approach provides engaging and meaningful experiences, leading your child on a sensory journey of storytelling, art, music, and creative use of materials and textures, empowering your child to explore, experiment, and learn creatively with unlimited possibilities.

  • Montersori

    The Montessori approach encourages teachers to prepare the environment and give the child the choice to learn and choose on their own. As the child interacts with the environment, the child will gain identity, learn holistic developments such as movement, cognition, language, as well as important features such as independence, focus, self control and cooperation.

  • Foreign teachers are native English speakers
  • Lead teachers have a BA in Early Childhood Education
  • Foreign teachers have 5+ years & Chinese teachers have 3+ years of teaching experience in 0-3
  • 1:4 teacher to student ratio (1:3 for children not yet walking)


08:30am ~ 18:30pm