Discovery Series Overview

Our Discovery Series is a great compliment to our Early Childhood Education Centre and Drop In Centre. Available at the multi-function spaces in both our Early Childhood Education Centre and Drop In Centre, we provide Parent Accompanied Classes (PAC) and Adult Education Programs facilitated by our expert educators and special guest speakers for our parents and families.

Research tells us that children will learn better when parents and caregivers take an active role in the process. That is why we have created these series to involve people in the child’s educational journey as much as we can, as it should be a collaborative effort between the centre and family.

Parent Accompanied Classes

PAC are classes that are attended by child and adult together. These classes are organised in response to the needs arising from our own parents and from others in the community. All of the experiences will be interactive, educational and engage both child and parent. We will provide classes such as:
  • Little Artista

    Non-Mobile& Mobile / Walkers

    We believe that every child communicates using 100 languages, examining their world through art allows children to explore their ideas and feelings. Experiencing through art can start with a simple mark, a line, a spot, a handprint. In our art experiences skilled professionals offer opportunities for children and parents to interact with colour, texture, and nature, valuing children’s processes and providing open ended resources to allow for free exploration.


  • Little Sensorista

    Non-Mobile & Mobile / Walkers

    The Pikler approach is rooted in providing an environment where children are able to explore the world using all their senses. In Little Sensorista our Early Childhood professionals are conscious to reflect this in the resources provided for children and the ways in which they are introduced. Within our sensory exploration PAC children will be invited to experience textures such as slime, mud, and sand, explore with light, interact with smells and tastes in a way that is meaningful to them and respectful of their individual temperaments.


  • Little Musicista

    Non-Mobile & Mobile / Walkers

    Music is an extremely powerful tool for young children to connect with the world and the people in it. It provides opportunities for movement, sound exploration and language development. Little Musicista is an exploration of sound that will be explored in a variety of ways according to the developmental curiosities of children. Children will be exposed to a variety of different types of instruments and ways to make sounds, exploring the concepts of rhythm, beat, tone, tempo, and more! As children explore they will create a connection and musical literacy.


  • Little Constructors


    Construction has long been recognised by early childhood professionals as a powerful tool for child development, offering opportunities for fine and gross motor development, spatial awareness, thinking and focus as children construct their understanding of the world.Little Constructors is a construction PAC that invites parents and children to be inspired by creatively prepared resources and a multitude of skills that could possibly be learnt. Teachers will empower parents to follow and support children’s different learning patterns connected with construction as they observe and deliver a curriculum that provides children to extend their foundational skills in math, science, engineering and more!


  • Little Tacticians

    Non-Mobile& Mobile / Walkers

    The act of interacting with play dough may seem simple but is an incredibly valuable experience for young children. Play dough offers sensory and calming experiences, develops fine motor skills, encour- ages simple interactions and promotes sharing. In the play dough experience children will be invited to make and explore using play dough in conjunction with natural and age appropriate resources selected by our early childhood professionals.


  • Little Linguists

    Non-Mobile & Mobile / Walkers

    Reading to your child is probably the most important thing you can do to support them throughout their childhood. Shared reading supports language development, builds concentration and focus, boosts imagination and creativity and provides a treasured bonding experience beneficial to adult and child. Recognising this, EDUCA HOME will be offering story based experiences for children. Within these children will be able to engage in stories and chants in collaboration with support experiences that tie in with the story of the week. Early child specialists will choose stories and opportunities appropriate to the developmental level of the children that allow them to connect with the language in their own ways.


  • Little Discoverers

    Non-Mobile & Mobile/ Walkers

    Children are born with a natural curiosity to explore, question and experience. For infants and toddlers this is evident in the way they interact with the world and materials, starting with trading objects with their eyes and developing to acts such as dumping, stacking,pouring, and tasting. In Little Discoverers children will have the opportunity to make discoveries using their curiosity and early problem solving in collaboration with materials selected by early child professionals to promote investigation and wonder.


Adult Education

EDUCA HOME Adult Education Programs are academic and formal style training classes that will be created by our teachers and academic expert team according to the the needs of the parents and community of learners. We aim to support and lead families and professionals in their journey to learn more about children from 0-3.

When we say 0-3 we are talking about the journey that parents and families have to make from even before the conception of their child, right the way through to their third birthday. The development that happens within this time and the different ways to prepare for this development regardless of whether family or professional. Some of the courses and services we will offer are:

  • Nanny Courses
  • Pre-natal Classes and Doula Services
  • Post-natal Classes
  • Developmental Classes


08:30am ~ 18:30pm