Our Care Program

With increasing time spent at EDUCA HOME, your child will grow in confidence and independence as they embark on a sensorial journey of discovery and bond with every colour, texture, sound, smell and taste around them. As they start to understand their physical abilities and potentials, they will actively engage in gross-motor, fine-motor and cognitive learning, which will empower them to further exploring the worlds of maths, science, arts, language, music, social and practical life.

Our Environment

We provide an interactive, sensory driven and customized environment inspired by the Pikler, Reggio and Montessori approaches, empowering children to explore, experiment, and learn creatively with unlimited possibilities. With areas specifically designed for motor development, resources for sensory development and purposeful learning spaces for math, science, language, music and art, our space allows your child to develop and grow like no other.
  • EDUCA HOME is proud to be the only centre in China to offer quality furniture from Reggio furniture partner in Italy.
  • Our official Pikler furniture is made in Hungary, with high quality beech wood and measurements derived by Dr. Emmi Pikler herself.
  • State of the art air filtration system to guarantee AQI 1.

Individual Learning Journeys

EDUCA HOME recognises that children learn in different ways and accommodates all learning styles. Students are free to learn at their own pace, each advancing as he is naturally ready, guided by their teachers and an individualised learning plan.
Our Chinese teacher will provide each child with two learning journeys every month, and the foreign teacher will provide the whole class one learning journey.


Non-Mobile/ Mobile Space

Welcome Outdoor Sleep Free Play Snack

Early Walkers Space

"Welcome Outdoor Free Play Snack Open Atelier"

Advanced Walkers Space

Teacher Ratio

  • 1

    Children not yet walking 1:3 teacher to student ratio

  • 2

    Early&Advanced walker 1:4 teacher to student ratio

  • 3

    Mixed walker 1:4 teacher to student ratio

Our Care Program

1hour-10hour package 8:30AM-5:30PM


08:30am ~ 18:30pm