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Jane Wye

Academic Background

Career:Foreign teacher
From:New Zealand


Jane is a teacher from New Zealand, but her home town is Wisbech in England. Her experience with children started in England raising her own children and providing in home care for other children. She also worked alongside children in a primary school setting supporting them on their individual learning journeys. In New Zealand, Jane worked alongside children on their learning journeys from the age of o to 18 years. In the 6 years since She gained her qualification, she have opened and led an infant and toddler learning environment, worked alongside 2 to 5 year olds as a lead teacher and held a management position within a 0 to 5 year old learning center. In Jane’s care, your child will come to know the qualities of patience, knowledge, confidence and love. These qualities will inspire your child to become a happy, healthy and confident learner.


08:30am ~ 18:30pm